Train Station; Ziyapaşa

Adana’s first railway was built by the English in 1886. In addition to diesel locomotive trains, railcars and DMU type high speed local trains use the railroads between Adana-Mersin. 29 trains serve on the Adana-Mersin railway every day and the journey time is reduced to 45 minutes. Mainline trains are; Central Anatolia Blue Train that carries passengers to İstanbul Haydarpaşa; Çukurova Blue Train to Ankara, Erciyes Express to Kayseri and Fırat Express to Elazığ.


Highways in the area allow travelling in Ankara, Mersin, Gaziantep and Hatay directions from Adana. D-400 Highway and international TEM Highway can be used for travelling to Adana. From Ankara, it is a 472 kilometers drive following Aksaray, Pozantı route to Adana. From İzmir, it is a 873 kilometers drive following Afyon-Konya-Ereğli route and from İstanbul, it is a 909 kilometers drive following Ankara-Aksaray-Pozantı route to Adana. Adana Bus Station is 5 kilometers away from the city center. At the bus station, there are buses ready to travel to every corner of Turkey.


Air transportation in Adana started with the building of Şakirpaşa Airport in 1937. Adana Airport, where domestic and international flights are carried out everyday, is in the 7th place on Turkey Passanger Transportation Ranking. There are direct domestic flights to İstanbul Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara-Esenboğa, İzmir, Antalya and Trabzon airports; and international flights to TRNC-Nicosia and some German cities available. Çukurova Airport which is planned to be put in service in 2014 is still in the constructing. Also, there is a military airport in the city named İncirlik Airport.


In Adana, Botaş Harbor and Toros AGRI Harbor allow international oil and freight transportation.

Urban Transportation

Municipality Buses, public buses, taxis and shared taxis are used for urban transportation in Adana. Also, Adana Subway which follows a 14 kilometeres route and 13 stops was opened for public use in 2010. Smart tickets are used to get on buses, public buses and subway since 2007. Adana Metropolitan Municipality serves with a fleet of 229 buses throughout the city.