Did You Know?

  • Adana is the oldest city in history whose name was never changed and is still used today. On Hittite inscriptions, commonly known as Boğazköy inscriptions dating back to 1650 B.C, Adana region is mentioned as “Uru Adania”, meaning that the name “Adana” is 3665 years old and today it is still used in the same way it is written on the inscriptions.
  • Asklepion Temple Hospital where the first medical training session took place in was located in Yumurtalık, Adana.
  • Writer of the oldest medicine and pharmaceutical book, Dioscurides was from Anavarza, an ancient city in Adana.
  • World’s oldest, functioning bridge is Taşköprü located in Adana city centre. Turkey and Middle East’s largest mosque is the Sabancı Central Mosque in Adana.
  • 160 of 400 butterfly species found in Turkey can be observed in Saimbeyli, Adana. “Saimbeyli Blue” which is a blue, flamboyant butterfly is endemic to Saimbeyli.
  • Spurs of Taurus Mountains, Aladağlar is home to the richest flora in the world.
  • Chelonia Mydas, also known as Green Seaturtle is only found in Göksu and Çukurova Deltas in Mediterranean Region.