Crafts and Souvenirs

Sharing the same fate with many other cities in Anatolia, crafts in Adana are devaluated by the rapid development of technology, mechanisation and the mass production of fabricated products.

Many crafts carried out in the city are facing the risk of being forgotten either because there is no demand for the product or there are no pupils willing to learn and pass on the craft. 

There are a few crafts people of Adana are trying to keep alive: Tin plating, cutlery engraving, forging, miniature wooden items and sculptures, gourd art, prayer beads making, weaving, lacework, wooden engraving and saddle making.

Some of these crafts are made and sold near Adana Clock Tower, especially in Kazancılar Bazaar. There are studios that also serve as shops.


Special Souvenirs of Adana

Ancient Kazancılar Bazaar is the center of souvenirs in Adana. The bazaar was named Kazancılar because it hosted tin platers and caldron makers in the past. Kazancılar Bazaar is similar to Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. The shops near Ramazanoğlu Bazaar, Clock Tower, Oil Mosque; the jewelers near The Clock and Atatürk Street; American Bazaar and Kilis Bazaars also sell souvenirs. Rug weaving is kept alive in Kozan, Saimbeyli, Karaisalı, Pozantı, Aladağ and Tuhanbeyli counties of Adana for centuries. In addition; engraved tin, wooden spoons, woolen socks, bags and clothes that are indigenous to a normadic life style are also sold as souvenirs as well. Silver and gold accessories, hope chests and Feke’s famous Tapan knives also make very valuable gifts.